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Pain aux Raisin


Flaky pastry generously sprinkled with raisins.

Handmade and baked fresh each day, This croissant is only made with the finest Charentes-Poitou (PDO) butter and is always proved naturally – because some things are definitely worth waiting for.

6 Pain aux Raisins

These are baked fresh to order, place an order before noon to have next day delivery.

Allergens – Gluten, Milk, Eggs

Vegan Option – *Dairy-Free – flaky plant-based pastry dough is hand-rolled into a spiral enveloping a generous serving of luxurious vegan vanilla custard and plump filling, whilst being crammed with raisins. There is no finer way to start your day than unraveling the riches of our Vegan Pain Au Raisin.

Allergens- Gluten

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