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About us

Creating memorable gifts that people love

I studied floristry at The London Flower School in Kings Cross, Learning all the fundamental techniques from creating bouquets to designing a floral installation for hotels, events and art exhibitions.

The floral design team have given me so much...passion, creativity and the ability to express myself in what I sell. LFS are the extended family who have encouraged my dream from when it was just an idea. Now years on I have business that I am so extremely proud about owning.

I have fun, I work hard and I create beautiful floristry.

Studying the art of wine making has given such passion for wine history, grape varieties, quality and taste.

Why start with France? Well,France has dominated the wine world for centuries as wealth and fame grew so did the demand for growing more grapes. It is the traditional techniques that drew me to this region and the vast expressions that win the favour of the worlds palate.

Only French Wine? For the moment but my plan is to sell wine from all Old-World wine regions such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Croatia.

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Shakirah Cain

Wine Enthusiast, Floral Designer & Owner


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